Our Products

MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate

MIRA is a highly versatile and flexible gamma dose rate monitoring system that measures the ambient equivalent dose rate H*(10). The modular design facilitates its use and configuration for a diverse range of applications. MIRA is available in two models, a gamma detector as well as a gamma monitoring station.

MIRA can be used for fixed installations as well as semi-mobile temporary applications. A particular feature is its extremely low power consumption that enables unlimited autonomous operating time. MIRA can thus be operated for many weeks with its integrated battery or for unlimited operation time with the integrated solar panel.

In combination with wireless data transmission (GPRS and/or radio), MIRA can also be used as an autonomous monitoring station.

SARA – Spectroscopic Detection

For the first time, SARA enables permanent spectroscopic online monitoring of gamma radiation, including automatic nuclide analysis, without any time restrictions and under any climatic operating conditions. In addition to monitoring in the air, a series is also available for continuous operation in water. By means of online spectrometry, SARA is able to detect very low concentrations of artificial nuclides, thus allowing nuclear events to be identified quickly and effectively. This constitutes a significant improvement in the early warning function of radiation monitoring systems. The various technical specifications and configuration options support a diverse range of applications.

MONA – Mobile Devices

In addition to automatic online monitoring systems, we also offer mobile detection devices for use in land vehicles or aircrafts that can either be operated independently or integrated into the functionality of the monitoring networks. The new spectroscopic monitoring system MONA stands out in particular for its high sensitivity and short measuring intervals.

SIRA – Aerosol Monitoring

The ideal solution for monitoring environmental air radioactivity. Based on ENVINET's tried-and-tested, reliable spectroscopic solution SARA, SIRA detects extremely low amounts of artificial radioactivity in the air. The robust design, high automation, flexible analysis, easy handling and seamless integration into existing surveillance networks make SIRA the comprehensive answer to your air monitoring requirements.

NIKA – Neutron Dose Rate

NIKA is the first ENVINET system to be fitted with a neutron dose rate detector. To launch this new product range, we have developed a transportable system that is ideally suited for permanent outdoor use.

Like all ENVINET detectors, NIKA is set up to be directly integrated in NMC networks. In order to detect the neutron dose rate, NIKA can be added to existing and new monitoring networks at any time.

NMC – Software

ENVINET's monitoring center solution NMC meets even the highest requirements with regard to service and functionality. NMC administrates and oversees environmental monitoring stations and offers extensive services in the validation, presentation, evaluation and analysis of data. It includes a comprehensive user administration in addition to numerous alarm, reporting and data exchange functions. NMC can be scaled to applications of varying complexity. Not only does the client-server solution support WINDOWS, UNIX and LINUX, it also offers an integrated, standardized GIS that can superimpose monitoring station data onto a map. The data are primarily stored in ORACLE, however, all other SQL databases can also be used. NMC offers an interface to dispersion forecasting systems as well as the option of integrating dispersion models.

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