MIRA Stations

MIRA – Gamma Dose Rate Stations

The MIRA detector is the base unit of the MIRA product line. It already has the functionality of a complete gamma monitoring station. Through different internal options like GPRS terminal, radio modem, battery, solar cell or rain detector and external extensions such as power supply unit, further data communication adaptors, tripod and multi parameter weather sensor, it can be adapted to different uses.

MIRA Autark

MIRA – Autonomus Monitoring Station

The MIRA autonomous monitoring station is designed to operate independent of external power supply and wired data communication. Therefore no infrastructure for its installation is required, which means that the station can be installed easily at any location. In its most compact form, the solar supply is integrated into the head of the detector. In the version with external solar supply, unlimited data transfer is guaranteed.

MIRA Mobil

MIRA – Mobile Autonomus Monitoring Station

The MIRA mobile autonomous monitoring station is designed for quick deployment in emergencies. Due to its low weight, compact set-up and the light tripod, the monitoring station can be deposited very quickly at its destination. The integrated GPS allows for automatic determination of its position.

MIRA Autonomous

MIRA – Monitoring Station

The MIRA monitoring Station is equipped with an additional external unit with power supply and an extended battery. It can directly be connected to the electric grid and incorporate additional communication devices such as ADSL routers.

MIRA Wetter Sensor

MIRA – Mobile Weather Monitoring Station

The MIRA mobile weather monitoring station operates autonomously and independent of power supply and wired data communication. It is thus especially suited for emergency management tasks where the monitoring station needs to be commissioned at any location easily and quickly.

With its additional multi parameter weather sensor, this model not only supplies gamma dose rate monitoring data but also all weather parameters.

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